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Personalized Medicine Technology Platform

MiGenesys is leading the personalized medicine technology adoption through comprehensive and integrated approach of addressing not only the genetic variations that impact drug response but also the combined effects of mutiple drugs on an individual patient.


We provide integrated view of drug-gene-food interactions through our proprietary precision medicine decision support technology platform for physicians and help personalizing the treatment plans for patients.

We also provide patients with Mobile Precision Medicine assistant to stay current with their prescription changes and receive realtime validation of potential adverse reactions with the medicines added to the prescription.

Gene-Drug interactions

Patient response to medications is influenced by genetic variation in the enzymes responsible for drug metabolism as well as targeted receptors and transporters. 


Variations in metabolism can cause life threatening toxicity in one patient and reduce drug effectiveness in another.

MiGenesys™ personalized medicine service

Provides the answers to finding right drug and right dose tailored for an individual based on their genetic profile.

Drug-Drug interactions

Whenever two or more drugs are being taken, there is a chance that there will be an interaction among the drugs.


The interaction may increase or decrease the effectiveness of the drugs or the side effects of the drugs. The likelihood of drug interactions increase as the number of drugs being taken increase.

MiGenesys™ Drug  - Drug Interaction Service

Provides up to date drug-drug interaction data and platform of applications for physicians and patients to identify multi drug interactions risk.

Drug-Diet interactions

A drug-diet interaction occurs when your diet and medicine interfere with one another. Interactions can happen with both prescription and over-the-counter medicines.

MiGenesys™ Drug - Diet  interaction service

Provides up to date drug-diet interaction data and platform of applications for physicians and patients.

Mobile Personalized medicine assistant

Real time precision medicine mobile app that validates medications added to the patient's current prescription against genetic evidence and updates the safe medicine list and alerts the patient of  potential unsafe medications being used.

Smart medication alerts, prescription management - pharmacy connectivity services are also planned for future.

Personalized Med Decision support system

Physicians can adjust the current medication of patient with pharmacogenetic evidence for drugs presented in real time as  drugs are added or removed to the current prescription, all conveniently from the app without going through paper reports. 

Physicians will also have access to their patient's pharmacogenetic testing results 24X7 along with up to date drug interaction, contraindications, severe adverse drug events information, all conveniently presented in the application to assist with adjustmentment of medication plan for the patients.

E-Health records integration

Integration API for electronic health records platforms is available to promote access to precision medicine services at fraction of the cost and help improve quality of patient care.

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