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Precision Medicine reports that all Physicians can Understand

MiGenesys Solution:

With the help of clinically actionable and easy to interpret Patient Pharmacogenetic Profile (PGx Report) provided by MiGenesys, physicians would be able to incorporate the patient’s unique genetic-metabolic-efficacy profile early in to treatment protocols and make optimal drug selection, dose adjustments, minimize ADEs and therapeutic inefficacies. MiGenesys PGx technology is built from ground up as physician focused service to help them make clinical decisions without changing their current workflow. Each medication in the report, clearly and concisely state the clinical impact of the patient genetic profile and provide management guidelines to assess efficacy, select appropriate drug, make dose adjustments, review alternative treatment options and protocol adjustments. Our physician friendly PGx report, we believe helps physicians with adoption of PGx in to their treatment protocols as seamless as their experience with interpreting & using findings in traditional lab diagnostic reports. In short,  we are happy to say on behalf of MiGenesys’s Medical-Genetic-Pharmacology Research group that -  “OUR PGx REPORT SPEAKS PHYSICIAN LAGUAGE” .

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